I am all about food. Good and affordable, if not cheap, food. Don’t we all?

I found out about this place about two years ago. By then I was not a regular customer. Just a passerby looking for a place to spend the night, or half end of the night. Not many place other than 24 hours fast food chains open during that time, when I stumbled upon this place.

However since last year, I’ve been a regular customer. Regular enough to make me fall asleep on their couch or spend times with friends for hours on.

The place is called Bober Cafe. Located on a very strategic corner on the far side of Jalan Riau (numbered 123, how cool is that). We’ve become quite acquainted since we held a Stand Up Night and open mic together with Stand Up Indo Bandung community (more on this on later post).

One of the good things about this place is that they open 24hrs round the clock (only closes for several hours on certain days like fasting month or Eid Fitr days. Well they did close for two days when the whole company went on a staff outing. Boo! *lol*).

The other good thing is their considerably affordable food and drinks. How affordable? Think about a small fish bowl half gallon size Giant Sweet Iced Tea or Giant Lemon Tea for nothing more than Rp 20k. And you can share it with at least 4 person. I’ve even tried 10 several times XD

While my friends’ favorite dishes are Chicken Curry and Beef Curry (for nothing more than Rp 22k), mine is their Giant French Fries. Theirs is the best french fries like…ever. Precise crunchiness, delicious, and come with a size 4 times larger than regular french fries other cafes offer, with the same price. Only Rp 22k.

Below are some pictures I took while i was there.

Oh did I also mention that they have 3 comfy tables with couches, 2 ‘lesehan’ tables, and free wifi round the clock? No? Well, they do.

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